Subject: mini-Loscon 97.31 AAR

Well another Loscon over.
A quick review..
Friday night had lost of people but had technical problems. We either could play 5 player DOS with a server (Quake) and no tcp connect or 6 player WIN95 network with no dedicated server which led to lousy conects especially with TCP. This neccesitated cutting Bob loose, much to our disappointment. Still there was some pretty good Quake going in Team Fortress. After everyone thinned out, we had an all-night (till 4am ) Outlaws session which was pretty wild.

Saturday started just before noon. We did a lot of neat non-standard stuff. We played some M1A2 tank platoon via net, then some Mechwarrior2 which was quite successful. The biggest blast was playing six player racing with Whiplash. We probably had 4 or 5 races which was VERY successful and good connects. We dabbled with some Xwing vs Tie Fighter. Then we launched into another OUTLAWS session that went like 2 or 3 hours until we were practically nauseated from the 3d (at least I was!) As soon as the sun went down, we hosted the piece de' resistance which was a 6 player TEAM FORTRESS session which included BOB TCPing in from Michigan. This was very successful and even with a 500ms ping BOB's handicap was really not noticable by any of the locals. It would have been good to have Mike TCP in at this time. We capped the night off with another OUTLAWs session till like 3am.

SUNDAY saw noone rouse till practically noon. After dicking around, we finally got a long, earnest session of Team Mechwarrior going with 5 player which was extremely fun. We probably played that for like 2 hours. Then everyone had to split and it was just Kurt and I. We first played an hour or so of Team Fortress thoroughly working through all of the players characters learning what was good and working out the optimal bindings. Then we did and hour or so of Capture The Flag with Bots which was tough. Finally we just dicked around on the net and pulled off the Mercenaries (Mechwarrior) 3d patch which really looks phenomenal.

SO that was it. I was disappointed that noone could hang out on Sunday. We had just the right amount on Saturday and too many on Friday (Due to tech probs)
Oh and for all you losers that weren't there on Saturday,... Molly was in the house.
Technical issues:
1. Notebooks under performed. The P75 IBM nb could not be made to recognize WIN 95 network no matter what we did. I might have to give up and bring it too PC WAREHOUSE to let them figure out. The P150 Compaq NB could not be made to work in DOS Mode network. It had problems running OUTLAWS and MECH2 network games though performed admirably as a win95 Quake server. AND was OK at Quake and great at Whiplash. Go figure. We might have to take that in to PC WAREHOUSE also to optimze a DOS IPX session.
2. Need another desktop. We couldn't ask Mike to bring his due to his pre-bar situation, that would have sunk him for sure. However for next Loscon (assuming it's after Bar exam. We would like Mike to bring his machine. He'll get a free network card whcih we'll install and then we'll be good to go. Also by then Kurt should have scored another notebook (or desktop..hint hint).

So that's a quick run down. Due to various schedules I don't see another LOSCON happening till mid September, but it will be in the new spot down in the basement whcih should be extra awesome. Also Mike will be done with BAR (crossed fingers) and will be floating around aimlessly looking for a lawyer job which means he'll be able to hang put ore with us!

P.S Kurt made quake skins of everyone (whcih I don';t think Mike saw) based on digital picks he took. These were very neat.

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