Subject: AAR Mini Loscon 98.01

Well another Loscon come and gone. This one was not billed to be anything spectacular, fitting it in bewteen many committments but it turned out prettty good.

Kurt came up Friday@2pm. After our quick (under 30 mins) setup we worked on web pages, getting Doctor Chud's up before he showed up at 6pm.
The first main event was testing ok the new Quake 40k patch. We ate Pizza (Korean Pizza guy sez "hi!" Bob) and watched B5. It was fun but we were short of people and figuring things outt as we went along. nice weapons and graphics though.After that we had a 4 player Q2 session that went till like 1am. It was on our favorite level (or so it seems ) good old Base 2!

Saturday opened up with coffee at about 11am. TThere was much futzing around with more web authoring tools, etc. Jonathon and I played Final Liberation which was cool and we also tried out some of the new Q2 mods, namely Eraser Bots and Damage mod. The Eraser Bots were pretty good, they actually get better as the level goes on. Natalie was wracked with her usual "I suck" routine, however other people were still fearing her thusly.
We worked on some more web stuff. Kurt and I taking pictures of some 40k diorammas and then having fun with PSP. I made dinner and then we sat down to watch Kurts new anime Gunsmith Cats. Very nice guns, girls, cars and action, but they could use a bit more T&A or lesbian action. Finally we geared up for the Main Event. Ze' showed up, we photoed some of his artwork nd screwed a bit with PSP. Then Mike showed up with an 18 year old bottle of Port. After much catching up we got down to a great six player match on eth scpace staion. Kurt busted out the Astroboy model which was hillarious. Anyway Mike obviously got back into the swing of things really quick (Having seen Q2 for the first time here.) Even Ze got some good kills. Anyway we finally shut down at 3am.

Sunday opened at 11am with a bitter thermos of DD coffee. Nat was gone most of the day at Titanic and work. Miles hung out with us. There was some net qusake with Bob and Kurt. Dr. Chud also did a lot of net quake. WHile that was going on we steeped to teh lowest levels of geekdom. One guy playing Quake on the net. Miles, Kurt and myself watching a six hour VCR tape of Quake we made last Loscon while Kurt relayed the blow by blow over long distance to Bob on the phone! This was proceeded by a 2-3 hour Q2 session using Kurt's modified Damage mod and the Kill to Death ratio counter. This is very nice and will become the new default Quake.
Dr Chud left at 7pm, and then Kurt and I played TF nline until 10:30pm. A full weekend!

Now I return you to your crummy Monday.....

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