WOW! What a weekend!

This was supposed to be a simple mid-course get together with Kurt and DoKtOr ChUd for some full thrust miniatures gaming and a little Quake, and asome CD burning. It turned out to be a hell-of-a-con. Turns out our Cousin Claire from France showed up who loves Quake and even looks a little like Laura Croft. This of course brought some of the "denizens" out of the wood work (Mike (g)).

Anyway our attendance list was:
1. Los
2. Nat
3. Weaselboy
4. Claire
5. DoKtOr ChUd
6. Flooog
7. Lawman (Jim) (BTW Mike, what's his email adress?)
8. Milesbot

DoKtOr ChUd arrived at around 1700. We did a bit of setup.
Kurt arrived at 1900.
Los166, Los266, Losnb150, and Nat233 were set upstairs. Weasellair, Weaselbook and Los180 downstairs. We put two hubs into action. We had to bust down my Wargaming room to put the Weasel Lair back in operation. Food was Indian takeout
First was the oogling over the miniatures. Kurt busted out his space fleet, much of it still in construction. VERY NICE. Lots of detail and customization. I look forward to crossing beams of coherent light and particles with him. I of course responded with my platoon of 82d Airborne Normandy paratroopers. Kurt and I checked out Pball 2. DoKtOr ChUd raced.
Friday night was dicking around with various stuff to some extent until about 2130 when Lawman and Floog showed up. (Claire had been asking to see Mike.) After another hour of hanging around we got a 6 player deathmatch going. Was quite a blast. Mostly the old haunts, Base2, Q2DM1&2, you know justto get everyone warmed up. By this time it was like one.So people broke up. Kurt installed SIN and we checked that out.

Saturday started for me at 0700 with the Milesbot (who was really cool all weekend), and DokToR ChUd with watching the F1 qualifying in Hungary (that kid never sleeps). Everyone else got up around 10. DD run completed by me, Miles and DoKtOr ChUd.
Spent the morning dicking around on net and gettoing all machines in order with right versions of paintball and Q3.17. Put the 3d card in Nat133 and put it into opearion giving us 9 play stations. Then we put together the music we wanted on our Space Combat Minaitures soundtrack. Being short of cd-Rs, Kurt and I made a trip to Staples. For wargamer/computer geeks such as ourselves, this is almost as much fun as a COMPUSA run. Once we returned we started burning CDs (Copy otw to BOB). This also included some extensive work designing appropriate covers. Around 3 we made a Glenwood run which would be our only meal of the day. Kurt and I did an hour or so of config work.
Saturday night started with Floog and Jim arriving. Then we got down to some serious action. We started by checking everyone out on Paintball 2. Then we went into a 7 player Pball 2 match over several maps that lasted two hours. This was an absolute riot. Downstairs was the blue team led by Kurt, with Floog and DoKtOr ChUd. They were the heavy hitters. Upstairs was the red team with Nat, Claire, (BTW wait till you see the skin I made for her), and Jim. The blue team was the heavy favorite but the red team put in a respectable showing. I joined in on the Weaselbook on the red team and I think the matched was or at least felt very close. A great session.
After this we got down to business on Q2 DM. This went on for like another hour ending with a long stint on KandyBase. At this time, Nat went to bed, Claire, Jim and Flooog went to the diner. DoKtOr ChUd, Kurt and I continued on for some very high level playing.
Eventually DoKtOr ChUd dropped out and Kurt and I got down to business. This went on for about 30 minutes. Very few kills. It ended with a 5 minute stalking session culminating with Kurt and I flying in mid air down three levels a few meters from each other both firing off rockets and killing each other. We figured it couldn't get any better than that so we called it quits, shutting down and going to bed (now it was 0230).
Low and behold a few minutes later, Claire, Jim, and Floog returned itching for action. Kurt obliged them by setting up the server again, then the four of them continued for another 4 player session for another two hours. Nat remarked how it was nice that even though we can't stay up that late anymore, that someone was caryring on the Loscon tradition.

Yep, 0700 and downstairs I go w/ Miles to watch the F1 race w/ DoKtOr ChUd. After it was done we made the DD run. Then DoKtOr ChUd and I played a few hours of multiplayer Starquest. We had a great time. We played coop against a very tough computer opponent and DoKtOr ChUd's generalship saw us through to victory (He plays this on a couple hours a day)

I guess the big thing on Sunday was kurt's mysterious work on a config for some new mod called "Action" While we were racing, or watching races, he slaved over this. Then around 1pm we started playing this Coolest Of All Mods. It pretty much has everything we always talked about and I found it to be pretty realistic (pistol accuracy needs to be toned down a bit along range.)

THEN around 1430 we all went to the park and played wiffleball. (I swear to god!) Claire is going to an Atlanta Braves game next week, so Nat wanted to show her how baseball was played. We returned an hour later, dirty, sweaty, banged up and cut up but with mission complete. Then we settled in for a good two-three hour action quake seeion in the office building which was very cool.
After that Floog had and DoKtOr ChUd had to leave. We watched King Kong and the Simpsons.
Ordered some Pizza, then burnt a cd for Claire. Ate a garbage pizza. DL'd map pack and latest (.95) ver of Action. Then we had another long action session with Kurt, Claire, me (Natalie joined in around 2230.) It was about 0100pm or later by the time we broke down and Kurt was OTW home.
Now everyone is dragging major ass. Natalie made the ultimate sacrifce and allowed me to sleep till 0900 or it would be all over for me by now.

Thinsg we didn't do.
1. Didn't get around to Team Fortess, though everyone expressed an interest. We got our team play fix through Paintball. The games went fast enough that the one minute wait wasn't a big deal, (and those that were hit did their duties as scouts anyway.)
2. Didn't get to test out SIN multiplay. Sorry Bob :(
3. No Full Thrust or other minis! This would have meant breaking down Weasel Lair to play. NEED MORE SPACE.
4. No updates to the Loscon Cd.

1. Claire needed about ten minutes of refresher from her Q1 session 18 months ago to become lethal. I mean killing Los and Weaselboy in stand up fights lethal (esp in Action). She rocks.
2. Everyone was highly please by the return of Mr. Floog to the fold. He put in a maximun effort this weekend. We hope to see more of him.
3. Jim, too, was a back in action. Hopefully he'll become a Loscon Staple.

Looking forward to the next one. On the horizon, this means:
1. Sometime around October first, Bob will be up for the weekend. So we'll put something together.
2. Sometime around thanksgiving period another full blown Loscon will be thrown.
3. Of course we might do something later this week since Claire is still around. (Jim? floog?)
4. Nat's gone all next week with Miles :(

OK take care. Great time!

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