Whew, another great event.

We kicked this one off on Friday. Kurt got here around 8pm after a ride from hell. As usual. the network went up without a hitch. Mike and Jim showed up around 10 pm. We had a software exhibit where we displayed the latest stuff. WW2 fighters was well received by the flight sim crowd. GPL was well received by the racing crowd. We checked out the Delta Force demo but unfortunately couldn't get it to work on the network.and we started a rather involved Action Quake battle (5 player at times) that went until 3 or 4 am.
After that we sat around bullshitting until 5am. Lawman tookj us on a tour of the seedier part of the internet and we ended up on the wrong side of the track, but managed to make it back OK. Mike slept over (how do ya like that couch?)

Woke up and putzed around after the DD run. Always had an AQ2 server up. Kurt worked dilligently throught the day to get everything working with server config files and rcons. In teh late morning we watched "In Car 956" which is a racing video that is highly cool.
Around 2pm we made the COMPUSA run with hopes of new games to check out but there was nothing new out (bummer). SO instead, we bought the new version of Paintshop Pro, a nice Koss headphone for flying, and a ten dollar keyboard to replace a plagued ergonomic job that was beeping during quake . (As it would turn out, the ten buck keyboard was way worse.)
Had dinner from Joe Grates. Kurt and I flew an hour of Air Warrior. That was great fun. Mike and Doctor Chud returned in the evening, and we settled into another extended AQ2session (5 player). It was probably 3 am when we were dne (Kurt was the man by DokTor Chud was doing well on a few levels too.)

Woke up at 0800 (ughh) w/ Miles for Beast Wars and Voltron. Once we finally were all up we settled in for some AQ2 using LosDM4 a newly designed Magic level. It was great fun. We played Star ship troopers. Two people were the Bugs (Kurts new model) one was the soldier. He had a few mintued to grab what he wanted. Then the bugs attacked withonly knives. The bugs had 30 lives between the two of them, the soldiers only 6. Was great fun. Thiswould be a great SST mod with a little work.
After Dr Chud left we flew an extended session of Warbirds3d H2H then a session of AW2 head to head. Both were fun. WB was a little toughter in that we had to concentrate on keeping the planes from stalling! But anyway both were cool and we got some good screenshots.
Around dinner we watched "Shot through the Heart." An excellent show about two best friend Oloympic shooters in Yugoslavia that end up facing eachother on opposite sides of the war in Bosnia. We putzed around a bit more after that. Maybe that was when we flew. Plus we prepared for Monday's epic space battle.

Burnt off a new Space Combat Music CD. BTW we had hoped to make a Where Eagles Dare/BOB cd but got only one side recorded in to Wavs due to time and space constraints. When Kurt get's up here in Nov. I will have a ll the music in Wav format already.
Around 1pm we started preparing for the epic clash. Miles was at my Mom's Nat was studying. We used the whole living room floor (covered with two starmats) for a huge full thrust miniatures space battle. Kurt had 22 ships and 30 fighters (worth about 10,500 points) representing the occupation forces of Rot Hafen. I had 44 ships and 96 fighters (about 14500 points) representing the liberation forces of the NSL/NAC 1st Combined Assault Fleet)
The fight lasted 6 or 8 turns and we finished up at around 10pm. At that point the Kra'Vak forces had been evicted from orbit. The battle was fight in orderto provide material for my story and ill be written up accordingly. It was an awesome time!

By the time Kurt Broke down and was heading home it was midnight! Anyway. looking forward to November...


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