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Battletech Photo Album.

KNN's Rogue's Gallery of the worst the Inner Sphere has to offer.

Tai-sho Lone-Ranger =Pesht=

Warlord of the Pesht Military District and founder of KNN, the Kurita News Network.

The intrepid founder of the Kurita News Network, Tai-sho Lone Ranger, held captive by Steiner Deviants. Left:Dietrich(Balt) Right:Von Richtor(Sansake) Note the GenCon program held up in lieu of a current newspaper. LR was captured late on 8 August and held against his will. Fortunately for his captures, his demands for adherance to the Geneva Convention and the New Samarkand Treaty were granted. The Steiners treated him with the utmost of respect although there was a shortage of Rice and Sake at dinner.

Dalfsson, One of the EGA old-timers.

Trey Kirk - The Inner Sphere's Robin Leach, currently serving time in House Kurita.

Von Richtor a.k.a. Sansake

Phil "Don't Ask Me About 3025" DeLuca. In this shot, I had asked about customized battlemechs in Kesmai's Multiplayer Battletech.

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Sensei Burai Yutaka

Coordinator of House Kurita, Scourge of the Inner Sphere, Wielder of the Swords of Light.

Undeserving of the title "Rude Rich"

Lor, House Leader of Liao

Sansake, Dragon and Balt in their Valet outfits. They supplemented their dwindling mercenary income by parking cars over GenCon weekend. To show their diversity, they also brought luggage up to guests rooms.

Steiner HL - Kneecapper

Kinnison, upon witnessing the bizarre Steiner Sheep Rituals.

LR, The Dread Phoenix and HeadHunter

Sansake expressing his displeasure upon hearing about more 3025 delays.


Actual photos of Kesmai's plans for the 3025 Product!

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