GenCon. What can I say? The yearly gathering of people who can best be described as being on one of the many "fringes" of society. They are gamers and art fans and hucksters. They are the artists and writers and game-creaters who weave fantasies and the people that live in those very same fantasies. For 5 days in August each year, Milwaukee is infested with these people. Much maligned by the media for their hobby, they remain undaunted. One thing is for sure, though. If you walk the streets of Milwaukee during GenCon and make eye-contact with a strangely dressed or backpack-burdened person who seems to be running late for something, you will be greeted with a smile and a nod. Not every segment of the population is as social. Keep that in mind when next you hear some story about the loners and the deviants who involve themselves in "demon-worshipping" Role Playing Games...

So off I went. The lady to the right is my friend Darci, another long time convention goer. We met years ago at a local SF Convention in New York held at the State University of NY at Stony Brook called I-Con.

A photo of Sergio Aragones and me. Sergio is a long time contributor to MAD magazine and creator of the GROO comic series. After admiring his work for so many years, it was great finally meeting him.

A shot of Liz Danforth and me in front of the Flying Buffalo booth. We have been running into each other on the Convention Circuit for many years now. Liz's artwork just keeps popping up everywhere, much to the joy of her fans.

Mike Stackpole signing books at the FASA booth. We have been running into each other at conventions for as long as I have been running into Liz. I wonder why that is... :) Mike is one of the driving forces in the Battletech Universe.

Greg Stafford of Chaosium and Runequest/Glorantha fame. An amazing person to talk to.

Paul "Frog God" Lidberg looking hungry. Here at lunch at the Major's, a GenCon landsite. Paul is Lord Of The Realm for Crunchy Frog/Nightshift Games.

Phil "Don't Ask Me About 3025" DeLuca. In this shot, I had asked about customized battlemechs in Kesmai's Multiplayer Battletech.

A view of the Thursday Night Concert from the MECCA Skywalk. Below are the Violent Femmes playing to a moderate crowd in the street . The song they are playing is "Have We Sunk So Low That We Have To Play A Dungeons And Dragons Convention?"

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