A rare shot of Bob "Magic" Makowsky. What makes it rare is that it was taken on a LosCon weekend but it is OUTSIDE. <Shudder> Bob's sensitive eyes are protected by thick smoked glass and he is virtually lathered in SPF-5000 suntan lotion.

A dark shot but it gives you a feel of the Normal atmosphere. Here is Los in Analog communication on his landline headset(on the phone), coordinating Air Combat Maneuvers with Magic in Michigan.

Another rare outdoor shot. We still haven't figured out a solution for the horrible, yellow burning thing in the sky. Avoidance works best. Pictured here are Rob Lang, Los and Nat (l to r)

A shot of Mike Flug, another of the LosCon primaries. Here he is quietly contemplating his choice of tactics.

The Strange and Wonderful Tyler. Of all the players, she has the biggest capacity for getting killed. Time and again she would be rendered inert, dead or disassembled, only to come back with near psychotic persistance. She rocks...

Natalie's brother Greg Burns. He, too, takes a tremendous amount of in-game abuse only to stand lurking around a corner, waiting for revenge.

Los and Maisy, the youngest member of the Quake Survival School, shown here getting her Mouse/Keyboard Certification. Maisy is Rob's daughter, shown in the background, beaming with pride.

Los giving a pre-Deathmatch briefing. Note how Todd "Boresight" Coggeshall is paying close attention to the map briefing.

Tyler ordering pizza fromt he local pizza joint. In this shot, she is trying to explain what is on the "Special" that they advertise. You would think they would know. Note the blur of hand motion even though the guys on the other end can not see her gestures.

A fine shot of Natalie going for liquid sustenance. The preferred beverage of a LosCon is Royal Crown Draft Cola. Click here for a fine Royal Crown Cola webpage.

WeaselBoy taking a beverage break. Waiting patiently in the shadows for the perfect yet irritating shot is thirsty work.

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