A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 1-3 =

As I slink away behind a pile of sheet metal, I notice that the bastard with the rocket launcher clipped me much closer than I thought. The entire left side of my body seems cold. I look at myself and I see that my clothes are dark with moisture. I don't feel hurt, though. I sling ol' RailGun and start checking myself. Now my right hand is wet and sticky. I give my fingertips a lick only to taste a sweet flavor. My eyes widen with horror as I paw like a wild animal at the source of the wetness. My trembling hands come away from my backpack holding a dripping RC Bottle. "YOU BASTARD" I howl. My words echo off the roof and down the corridors. "YOU SHOT MY ICED TEA! FOR THIS, YOU DIE!" I can barely contain my rage as I see only a small bit of tea left in the bottle, a jagged piece of shrapnel sloshing around at the bottom. Ruined. Nothing tastes worse than metallic Iced Tea. A new horror grips me. "IT WAS A DEPOSIT BOTTLE, YOU ANIMAL!" I roar.

I key my message through the open commo channel. "I challenge the ingrate that shot my Iced Tea to a one on one battle in the right wing of the warehouse. Right near the Quad. First one to die loses." The response comes. "You're on, WeaselBoy." Exxxxcelent. I check my gun and move out. As I approach the cleared area between the pallets, I hear the Quad being picked up. Ahhhh. I love a good challenge! He is probably running in circles looking for a target, all the while glowing like a bug-zapper. As I climb up a stack of boxes, I can hear his footsteps on the other side. I watch for a second or two from the shadows. Over the radio I say "My name is WeaselBoy. You killed my Iced Tea. Prepare to die..." just as I toss the RC bottle off to the far side. He spins and shoots at the noise. The poor RC bottle is totally annihilated by the HEAP round.

I key my programmed macro into the comm-net and my message appears on his HUD. "The Weasel is behind you..." Silently, I drop to the floor behind him and tap him on the shoulder with "RailGun." He fires as he turns and the rocket screams by my ear deafening me. With a grin, I pull the trigger and a slug rips through his chin. I am not sure but I think he was trying to say "Hey...." The earlier damage is worse than I thought. Not only was my Iced Tea gone but shrapnel had torn free BOTH pockets of Mal-O-Mars. This is truly no way to go about business so I head on back to my car.

As I leave the warehouse, I can hear the llama whining. "That wasn't fair! It was supposed to be a fair fight." I MUST respond to this one. I key in "It WAS a fair fight. You weren't good enough to make it a GOOD fight..." The curses that ensue would make even my grandmother blush and she was in the Merchant Marines. Heh Heh. Let him stew. Out in the parking lot, I cross the silent rows of cars and head to the WeaselMobile. I can't resist a parting shot at some new guy trying to figure out the warehouse's front door. I pop the guy through the back as his lunch spatters the front door. I yell out "It's the switch on the right, dude!" as I drive past his bleeding corpse and head back home to the Lair.


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