A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 2-1 =

So there I was... It was a rough day amongst the mundanes. The non-gamers. Boy, do they get tiresome. All they do with their computers is look at new Utility software. It was time to see what kind of game I could scrounge up online.

I wandered over to an UNAMED Battlefield with 12/32 players. Decent ratio and decent 2-300 ping. It was a madhouse! Exactly the kind of game that the WeaselBoy does NOT like. Lots of running and jumping with virtually no weapons. All the L00ZERZ would respawn, and start shooting their blasters instead of trying to better themselves. After a couple of respawns, I got the feel of the level and what the L00ZERZ were doing. I quickly got out of the respawn/die cycle taking only minimal damage. Grabbed some health, armor and a railgun and got down to working these idiots. After a judicious rocket jump (stupidly leaving me with 43% life) I got to a decent God spot and settled in. After about 5 minutes, I was #1 in the standings with 15 kills. I leaped from my perch to get more railgun ammo. Along the way, I stopped in at the RocketLauncher shop and had the thing accurized. Sitting there for a second or two, I dumped all but 5 rounds into a blaster-melee, scoring another 8 kills in only a couple minutes. I then waded back into the fray and came up with a brand new Weasel Tactic.

The first inkling of the idea was during OPS-Training at LosCon. I had perched myself on a door frame and was able to shoot directly down into Dr.Chud's head with a railgun. If I only had a screenshot... So the latest tactic is now to see someone who is crouching and shooting. Time a jump so that you land on his sholders Then just aim down into his hairpiece and let fly with a railgun slug. Picture the WeaselBoy leaping onto an enemy's shoulders, wrapping legs around the neck and wrestling a huge-barreled gun on top of the guy's skull...

I now have 3 nicely preserved skulls that I use as candle holders, thanks to the neat and streamlined hole the railgun makes.


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