A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 3-3 =

The quick shower helped a lot as my hands and face are no longer sticky with scout-gore. I grab a chocolate bar from the rack by the door and head out again. I stop by the entrance-way and leave a stack of pipebombs in a shadow. I might need them there later. Heading down the left ramp, I hear gunshots from the prison lobby. I do a quick reload and switch back to normal thump-boom grenade mode. With a leap, I enter the lobby and see two of my teammates hosing down this poor schlep at close range.

Their enemy tried to muscle past the two guys and somehow managed to get his Alice-gear caught on one of my guys' sword scabbard. He was frantically trying to get some distance but was getting royally shredded by some close range nailgun action. It is an ugly scene as his perforated body gets blown clear and into the door. The handicap sensor detects the movement and the door slides open with a grinding noise. I guess marrow does not act as a great lubricant. Through the door, I can see a couple of guys in blood red scuba suits just coming out of the lake. As the door slides shut, I drop a few grenades through it hopefully into the path of the aquatic antagonists. Alas, no luck, though I do hear a grunt from one of them. The door grinds open again and I launch a couple in that direction as I backpedal out of the blast radius. I am not making that same mistake twice! The grenades knock the pair of them around a bit and I high-tail it back up the ramps into the courtyard. The security lights snap on and I wait a heartbeat or two and trigger the pipebombs. This time, the blast knocks them into oblivion. I can see the horrible carnage slide wetly back down the ramps. I had forgotten how gruesome this grenade launcher can be. Well, what are ya gonna do? Nobody invited them in to begin with....

One of my teammates scoops up their ammo packs and tosses a clip of grenades over to me as he runs down to the lobby. Well! That was unexpected. Very few people remember that the grenades they lug around are not usable. With a shrug I run down to the lake. I catch a glimpse of muzzle flash from one of the balconies seconds before a sharp pain spins me around. I drop into the brackish water and sink like a stone, too numb from the shot to do much of anything. Fortunately, I was not snagged by the ground clutter and I am able to claw my way through the underwater tunnel that leads to the mine under the enemy courtyard, I start to gag just as I break the surface and pull myself up onto "dry" land. That water tastes like crap. Good thing I brought some Ice Tea to get the mud out of my mouth.

Taking a swig from my canteen, I look down the dim tunnel stretching out into the darkness. My arm hurts like hell and I can feel at least one cracked rib. Once again, I find myself uttering a silent prayer to Crom and the maker of Kevlar. The medkit at my side has a couple slap-patches left in it and I administer some battle field first aid.

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