A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 4-2 Red =

OK, we detect movement downstairs. Firing erupts. It's that HW guy. No problem, like most HW guys, they are under the mistaken impression that they are all killing and invulnerable. Maneuver, rockets and grenades neutralize that threat. The soldier (Dr. Chud) proves to be more effective. Whoa what was that? Somebody sped passed us and dropped down the glory hole. A scout. The enemy team is putting everyone into an all out attack. Warnings to Magic and Nat. Faintly we hear firing down stairs, the lock on of a sentry gun, and the groan of death. Boy that was close. We go into defense in depth. At the top of the ramp, I am keeping at least one nail grenade spinning at all times. It may not kill by itself, but it starts the process of damage that continues with rockets and grenades as they go upstairs and ends with railguns and sentryguns as they get to our flag.

It's obvious Weaselboy is the scout. he's getting up and past too often. They are coordinating their attacks well. Eventually they start hanging our flag. magic and I take turns going on flag runs leaving 2 on D. Occasionally we run into Boresite on the bridge. But our superior mobility and accuracy prove more than a match for that stationary heavy weapons. Still, sometimes we fall. The flag hangs start climbing on both sides staying close to each other.

Heavy fighting is taking place in our lobby. Bob defends the top of the ramp. I toss nail grenades down, then jump down to the grate room and counter attack our assailants from begins. Good commo keeps Nat informed of who's got passed us. So often our sentry gun settled the issues. Sometimes, when Dr Chud gets down there too, the gun is destroyed and up they come. Nat warns us. Magic and I lay the gib-red carpet out for them. But the weasel is fast as is Dr Chud. Not every time do we stop them. In that case we answer with a flag hang of our own.

I'm racking up fantastic kills. But then I experience an odd dump. I decided to return as RANDOMCLASS. This way I can enjoy the full TF experience. Los

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