Preferred Fortress Position: Scout/Engineer

Preferred Weapons: RailGun, Concussion Grenade

Favorite TeamFortress Levels: Canalzone, The Rock, Well6
Favorite Quake 1 Levels: KNDYBASE, FRAGTWN Series
Favorite Quake 2 Levels: SPACE, WareHouse 1/2

Real-Life Time Sink: Quality Assurance Engineer

WeaselBoy's Tips:
NEVER Get Impatient. If you get frustrated, go to the bathroom and splash your face.
NEVER play someone else's game. If you play by their rules, you lose.
NEVER use a control setup you don't like. If you think the keys should be set differently, change them.
You can read my philosophy on tactics here.

Favorite Wazoo Alias Programming:
// Weasel Q2 Preferred Weapons Binding
alias "direct_wep" "use Shotgun; wait; use Super Shotgun; wait; use Machinegun; wait; use Chaingun; wait; use HyperBlaster; wait"
bind "q" "direct_wep"
alias "boom_wep" "use Grenade Launcher; wait; use Rocket Launcher; use BFG10K; wait"
bind e "boom_wep"

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