A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 1-2 =

So there I sat. I could hear gunfire from all around and plenty of footsteps. These yahoos didn't even know to wear sneakers when wandering around a combat zone! I heard the door cycling again. This time, I flicked up the zoom and drew a bead on the back of the guy's head as he bolted through the doorway.

With "RailGun" humming happily in my hands, I let a slug fly. It was a nice shoulder hit but was enough to kill him just as the door shut. I checked my ammo. Gee, 36 rounds remaining. That should hold me for the evening. "Guess I should wander a bit and see if I can rustle up some armor." I said to myself. I left my nice little weasel hole in search of some armor. Something about wandering around with only 1 RailGun slug's worth of damage absorbtion...

I was skirting this firefight when I got a little too close to a door that slid open, exposing me to this immense blaster battle. "Ahhh What the hell?" I said as I went wading in. The MP5 shuddering in my hands, I ran through the fight, ducking and sprinting in a random pattern. Once I was about halfway through, I spun 180 degrees and backpedaled to the far end of the warehouse. I took some damage but I know I scored at least 1 kill on my firing pass. Not bad. Up on the rafters, I see a suit of armor and I sprint over to the stairs. As I turn a corner, this llama is there shooting, you guessed it, a blaster at me. By this time, I had "RailGun" at the ready. I leapt once then crouched. Firing from the hip, I plugged him in the leg. Hydrostatic shock must have done the rest as he staggered against the wall and oozed into a puddle. I continue up the stairs.

As I round the top of the stairwell, I see on my commo HUD "F*ing ducking cheater!" At first I didn't think it was addressed to me but the message repeated a couple times. So I keyed in "What? On the Stairwell?" and the llama replies "yeah you f*ing cheater!" Shaking my head, I continue on my path up to the armor. No way am I getting into a pointless flamewar over this. It is almost as good as the camper debate! Now that I am armored up, I spy a HealthGain 5000 pack on the other side of the rafters. I scooch down and duck waddle (weasel lope?) over to it. I feel much better as the adrenaline and other enzymes kick in. Time for some serious weaseling now... Peeking over the edge of the raised floor, I see some more guys duking it out. This is sweet! I am way above the fight as they circle each other. This calls for a grenade!

I quick-draw my last grenade and before the lever is sprung, I have "RailGun" back in my hands. I thumb the magnification to max and pull in tight on one of the combatants. I nice clean shot through the chest! Nothing like a melee to soften up the targets. The grenade goes off but does not yield a kill. Oh well. More tenderizing, I suppose. The green ready light on "RailGun" is on again and I try a shot at one of the remaining llamas. A miss. Oh well, we can't be perfect... A third shot misses. Gee, must have been the StarBursts' sugar rush. I take a fourth shot and peg one guy nearly through the top of his head. Suddenly, I hear this screaming noise followed by an explosion above me. The blast tears a few sheets of the corrugated steel loose and a burnt rat drops by my left hand. Yeow. Not nice. Area effect weapons are not fun. I guess all those missed shots with the blue streamers has alerted some guy to my location. Time to move on....

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