A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 3-1 =

So there I was, sifting through my weapons room when I found an old-style grenade launcher. Back from the old Q1 days. Fond memories, indeed. Just for the hell of it, I untangled its sling from a couple of LAN cables and an old Boy Scout knot-tying project I never finished. The canvas of the strap was a bit worn but it still held after a tug or two. I kicked over a box of DU slugs and found a box of 40mm HEDP grenades. "Why not?" I said to the security system and slung the old thing over my shoulder. I grabbed an old satchel charge as well, not even sure if it would work and headed over to the kitchen.

Provisioning is the most important part of any good patrol. I rummaged around a bit looking for something to pack for this outing. I came up empty save for 1/2 quart of pork lo-mein. "Gotta go shopping sometime..." I stuffed the previously white cardboard container into a pocket, narrowly avoiding a puncture by the wire handle. With a fresh batch of Iced Tea in my new ballistic plastic canteen I headed for the door. This time, I remember the Walkman. Out to the car I go. While fumbling with the keys, I remember that I had to tape the reruns of Babylon-5 on TNT so I run back to the house to set up the VCR. The new package of VHS tapes are somewhere in the house and it takes more than a few minutes to find them. Finally, with the VCR set, I lock up again and head over to the new Gib-O-Rama that they built next to the mall. I am about 2 blocks away when I remember that I left something behind. This time I forgot my medkit. Now that is something to go back for. I run back to the house and find my old, muddy medkit. Upon my return, he car is still warm as I head up the street and onto the highway. No easy pickings in the parking lot tonight so I head over to the entry hallway. After swiping my membership card, I walk down the long corridor, noting the titles next to each of the many, many doors.

"Let's see, 2Fort32, 2Fort32, 2Fort32, 2Fort32, 2Fort32, 2Fort32... Wow, such diversity..."

"..., 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4, 2Fort4... what the....."

"..., 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5, 2Fort5.... Oh, COME ON!"

"..., Canalzone!!! Finally! A good map! Oh wait... The lights are off in that room. No players..." I walk in anyway and spend 5 minutes looking for the light switch. No Luck.

"..., Colony!!! Cool! Nope. The lights are off in that room, too." After a couple minutes searching, I find the light switch but the power to the room seems to be off. I am amazed that there is so little interest in good maps. People seem perfectly content to run back and forth over a single bridge.

"..., ahhh The Rock. Good old Rock. Nothing beats Rock."
I peer in and there are actually people fighting in there. I head in...

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