A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 3-2 =

So I wandered into the main courtyard of the Blue Moon State Correctional Facility. After a quick look around for troll-assassins, I headed over to the warden's office. I hadn't noticed anyone else around just yet. I knew something was wrong when I turned a corner and saw the security lights on. Generally, we like it dark... Over Gold Channel comes a message that our command key was taken so I switch into overdrive and sprint towards the office. I see this guy rushing out the door towards me and plop a couple grenades at him. I am way out of practice as they fly over his head. One catches the door frame and rebounds at my feet! I leap away as the blast throws me into the library. I can hear the bastard laughing at me as I lie there bleeding from my ears and it goes dark.

As I come to, I realize that I have been teleported over to the hospital at the far end of the prison. This actually works out well as I am now in the very building that thief is running towards. I run out of the infirmary and meet the guy in the middle of the courtyard. He is jumping and side-stepping like crazy since this big ugly teammate of mine with a minigun is trying his best to tenderize him. I leap into the fray and immediately start backpedalling to avoid a grenade that this leaping pixie just dropped. It is either a flash grenade or one of those concussion grenades that we all love so much. I am just late as the concussion hits me and pushes me back into a wall. I feel like Jon Voight at the end of "The Champ." I squeeze my eyes shut and try to force the vertigo down but it gets the better of me. I am leaning against the wall, praying for death as the gas claxon goes off. I try and get back into the hospital but that ugly brute with the autocannon is there ahead of me. The gas is released and sweet sleep enfolds me.

I guess it was a good thing that I was so close to the aid station as I awake to a grenade launcher being pressed into my gut and I am ushered out into the fray again. The drugs they pumped me full of have sharpened my senses as I sprint back to the warden's office. In the courtyard I pass the riddled corpse of that scout, his beret looking like a red sponge. Yick. I flip a switch and set the grenade launcher to command-detonation mode and lay a pile of 6 just inside the warden's door. I crouch down to find some music for the stereo just as the warning lights snap on again. I sidestep to my right and get behind the speakers as the scout runs into the room. I pause for a second as he grabs the key and makes for the door. The look on his face as he realizes the mistake he made is priceless. I mash the detonator briskly 3 times and the explosion turns the room into a scene out of "The Shining." All I need now are those freaky twin girls asking me to come play with them... The key drops to the floor and I wipe the gore from my hands. I figure I have enough time so I run over to the emergency room for a hosedown.

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