A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 3-4 =

As I am popping grenades around the corner, I see a teammate of mine gracefully leaping over the abyss down the tunnel. It seems he got my commo about the tunnel being open. There is nothing like the feel of being on a team and being listened to. He patiently waits until I finish my clip. When my grenades finish exploding, He and I advance around the corner. The explosives have definitely done their job as there is nothing but acrid smoke and debris down a twisting stretch of about 100 feet. With a nod, my teammate speeds off. I can see the back of his blue satin jacket for just a second before he is far ahead of me. The logo on the back is Blue Moon Scout Corps. This guy has a mission and I aim to help him out.

I key over Gold Channel that there will be a bunch of FRIENDLY Pipe Bombs to cover anyone that might take offense at our scout stealing their command key. Just peeping out over the rim of the tunnel breach, I lay down a spread in the middle of their courtyard. Gold Channel comes alive with notification of a successful theft. There is a chattering of machinegun fire approaching my position as the enemy security lights snap on. The scout seems to have heard me as he plows straight through the pipebombs. His pursuers are a medic and a soldier. Both are laying down some heavy fire at the poor guy and are suffering from target fixation. Concentrating on our scout, they don't see the field of yellow cylinders until it is too late. The clacker barks out 3 times the courtyard erupts in fire. The two enemy are consumed by the explosions and an axe tumbles down the hole next to me. I reach for the handle and nearly touch it before I recognize the sour smell of disinfectant coming from it. It was that damn red medic's axe and I almost infected myself. I repress a shudder at the thought of wasting away from a bio-weapon's bite.

Our scout must have made it since I hear a countdown coming over Gold Channel. This is not good as I am way too far from home and too wounded to make it back to the lake. Shrugging, I set up a 20 second detpack and sit down next to it. I pull out the remainder of my lo-mein and start eating. I can almost hear the hiss of the nerve gas as it fills the courtyard...


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