A Shot From The Dark

Last Updated: 9 March 1998

"A Shot FromThe Dark" is an ongoing journal that roughly recounts some of my forays into the world of online Quake. There are a million stories happening out there each night and it is too good not to document. A good deal of inspiration for this writing came from Bundy over at Bundy's Place. Though I tend to look at the super serious sniper with more than a bit of amusement, he does a very good job of entertaining his readers.

I tend to be a weasel online. You can read my philosophy (tongue in cheek) on tactics here. In fact, I have had the "Camper Debate" more than once in my life.

Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Part 1.3

Part 2.1

Part 3.1

Part 3.2

Part 3.3

Part 3.4

Part 3.5

Part 4.1-Blue

Part 4.1-Red

Part 4.2-Blue

Part 4.2-Red

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