A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 4-1 Red =

[Note: This was a six-player game 3v3 on 2fort4 played over at LAN at LOSCON 98.1 teams were evenly matched with each one team fighting together out of the basement weasellair and the other fighting out of the first floor dining room. The action was recorder out of my Pure3d onto a VCR). All machines except for Nat's were 3d GL.]

Across the bridge Red team gathers for a quick FRAGORDER. A quick assessment of our team's abilities leaves us confident. Our Engineer, Nat, has not played to much Quake lately due to realworld stuff, but knows the level well, and has performed excellently as an engineer before. Teamwork and communications are her strong point. Magic has that annoying knack that good demo men have of never missing with their grenades. I have considerable soldier experience behind me. We also our commo via voice. Our plan is simple, we will maintain a strong defense. Only one man, Magic or myself, will make flag runs. Nat will tend to the sentry and take care of the basement.

Magic and I pick a "reverse slope" defense and choose not to contest the bridge. Instead we will defend the ramps leading upstairs into our main lobby. If they show up with a rocket jumping Soldier, we'll change that. (In fact I will not be rocket jumping the whole game either.) I stock up on nail grenades, Magic stocks up on MIRVS. Nat builds a sentry downstairs. We have thorough knowledge of our opponents. The weaselboy is formidable in a fixed or mobile defense. We assume he'll probably pick engineer. Any foray into his defensive ground will leave you very paranoid. Boresite is always a HW guy. We must avoid his deadly grasp. DoKtOr ChUd is the switch hitter. His strength is mobility, and his in your face style of close combat. His relentless pursuit can throw off anyone. Let's see how this fight game rolls out.

We await the coming onslaught.....


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