A Shot From The Dark

= Episode 4-2 Blue =

On the way up the stairs, I remind my team that I am predominantly on offense. If they need help, yell and I will be back on site quickly. The ground level of our fort is strangely quiet. I figured that there would at least be an initial foray by the Reds to test the defenses. Nothing. Well, I am not actively defending today. Prepping for my sprint across the bridge, I tell my team that we can count on some sniper activity. As we clear the front lobby, My scanner picks up NOTHING. This is starting to concern me. We may very well be running into a hornet's nest on this one. I pause at the far end of the bridge and wait for the rest of the team to catch up. Since I drew no fire and my gang is starting to wonder where the Reds are. Boresite is about to take up his favorite position between the enemy stoops when I tell him that his training buddy, Magic, is on the other team and knows all about that HWGuy trick. Nodding, he enters the Red fort with the Doktor and I.

Boresite and the Doktor make a beeline for the main room. I swing left and head in from the side passage. In this case, I am letting the heavily armored guys do some recon for me. Gunfire is starting to erupt in the main room. Exxcelent! With those two guys laying down fire, I should be able to slip through in the confusion. I burst out into the ramp room just in time to see a silvery football bounce into the air at gut level. It starts spewing out a hail of nails in a wide circle and I catch one in the shoulder. I yell for the team to fight up the ramps as I scramble up the incline, Half crawling and desperate, I get above the level of the nails. A nailbomb is one of those things a scout hates. Two good shots will toast a fully tricked out scout and I already have one lodged in my shoulder.

My teammates have managed to knock out one of the defenders, though we are not sure who. I ask for a status report and receive nothing but dead air. People are still skirmishing in the main room and the explosions are doing a number on us. Swinging around on the top level of their ramps, I can see grenades being dumped down on my teammates but my mission is to grab the flag, not to play forward defense. I still hear nothing as I make it into their elevator room and leap into the dark hole below. Only when I am midair do I remember to check my armor and health. The digi-readout on my headset shows me well in the red. After my fall, I am no better off. Now there are curses coming through the radio and again I ask for status. I know the radios are working but still there is no response. I don't have time to worry. Glancing at the scanner, I can pick up movement in the area of the Red Flag room. Coming around the corner, I see an engineer working on a sentry gun. Ohhh great. Just what I need. As I start to backpedal to get out of its detection range, I hear it lock on. A heartbeat later, the slugs are ripping through me and I drop.

Not a very good start, I think to myself as the respawn field generator pulls me back to the Blue fort. Not very good at all.

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