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Last Updated:13 December 1998

My name is Kurt Wasserman and this is my homepage.
Online, I go by Lone Ranger and WeaselBoy.

Included here are things about my life that are way too interesting NOT to share with the World in general. <Grin>

The stuff that I put on these pages is meant to entertain and inform. I have pictures of my friends, pictures of landscapes and pictures of me. I also have a mess of links here and there to keep you online and not dealing with the real world.

Actually, the real purpose of this page was to watch the "hits" counter go up...

Latest Changes
and News

26 Septmber 1999:
Fixed the broken EgoMeter(tm).

13 December 1998:
Finally put up the LosCon After Action Reports. I figured it has been around 10 months without any updates.

Multiplayer LAN Party

LosCon AARs
After Action Reports

Los-Con Photos
A photographic gallery

WeaselBoy Player Profile
My online persona

The Book Of Weasel
My own Online Quake Philosophy

A Shot From The Dark
Quake SemiFiction

Los' Fiction Page
An awesome bit of Sci-Fi fiction based on the Ground Zero Games universe (Full Thrust, Stargrunt and Dirtside)


GenCon '97


New Hampshire

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